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Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm PST
: at last check, city clerk said one resident has so far filed a claim with the city. >>> john mcafee said he is in hiding, staying one step ahead of police that want to question him in a homicide case. the software pioneer tells associated press he thinks the police anti-gang unit wants to kill him. he said he is changing locations and phones frequently to evade investigators. he is considered a person of interest in a fatal shooting of a neighbor on an island in belize. >> >> the man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend and her friend on the bridge three years ago made an odd request in the penalty phase of his child. he told jurors they should flip a coin to decide whether or not to give him the death penalty or give him life in prison. he was convicted last week. he was a toll taker and everett was a golden gate transit bus driver. >> >> we have new developments in a hit and run incident in san francisco -- ktvu has learned a daily city woman is under arrest. she surrendered last night short shortly after seeing our story. this is a picture of garrett gibson's bike, which
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
valley tech pioneer john mcafee said he is innocent in the shooting of a neighbor in the island of belize. police are calling mcafee a suspect. he left the software company he sold in 1994. it was later sold to intel. >>> one of two suspects accused of kidnapping a woman last week. the men took her to several atms to withdraw cash using her card where these photos were snapped. this man went by the name aubrey. the other man went by the name david. the 57-year-old victim said the man grabbed her last wednesday night. they finally let her go in the oakland hills. >> san francisco police today announced the arrest of four men on child pornography charges. investigators say more than 100 officers from 23 agencies took part in the bust. police arrested four men in san francisco today. they are identified as 25-year- old alexis young wayne, jaime rodriguez, juan martinez and 28- year-old guillermo escandon. >>> omni berra is a candidate from the seventh district. he is leading by roughly 700 votes. he is attending as a potential new congressman. he is up against dan lundgren who is chairing th
Nov 19, 2012 6:00pm PST
recovery. >>> brain stimulation technology to treat depression. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler joins us how with how it works. >> reporter: doctors say pulses can undo depression. gloomy weather, shorter day light can trigger depression. >> reporter: 1-10 american adults live with major depression. >> i struggled with depression for a long time. since i was a child. >> reporter: two years of medications weren't working. >> it wreaked havoc on my life. my husband left and i had lots of terrible things going on. >> a gradual increasing down hill course with more frequent episodes and more severe. >> reporter: this summer he began this ground breaking therapy. tms. this fda approved machine focuses pulses into one area. >> when it moves over the nerves it induces activity. >> reporter: that activates the brain's system that controls mood, restoring balance and neuro transmitters. regulating depressed brain activity without drugs. >> to be more active without having to be invasive. >> changed my life. first thing that ever successfully got me to a place where it is not somet
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3